I am Noah Prisament

Computer Scientist,Software Engineer,Mathematician,Physicist,Musician

About Me

Noah Prisament

Name: Noah Theodore Prisament

Profile: Computer Science and Mathematics Student

I am a passionate and persistent computer scientist. I have Strong experience in software development and theoretical computer science. I am Currently studying at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, dual majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics with a minor in Physics.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics, Physics Minor

Undergraduate Council Representative, Dean's Honor List

Computer Science Classes

Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Data Structures, Programming Languages, Machine Learning From Data, Operating Systems, Computer Organization, Principles of Software, Foundations of Computer Science (Discrete Structures and Computational Automota), Graph Mining

Math Classes

Graph Theory, Advanced Calculus, Foundations of Analysis, Methods of Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics, Linear Algebra, Numerical Computing

Physics Classes

Quantum Physics 1, Quantum Physics 2, Computational Physics, Introductory Quantum Mechanics


Software Engineering Intern
I worked on the Sportsbook Integration Team helping the company launch its sportsbook in new states while developing both internal tools the production applications.


Web Developer Intern
I worked as a full-time employee doing bug fixes, security updates, replacing outdated parts of the codebase and implementing new features

Shire Village

Summer Camp Counselor
I ensured the overall safety, health and well being of assigned bunk’s campers while I developed and maintained the daily living routines of the bunk and facilitated it during mealtimes.

Temple Beth Shalom

Assistant Hebrew School Teacher
I taught children how to read and write Hebrew, the stories of the Torah, the prayers needed for a B'nai Mitzvah and an abridged history of the Jewish peoples.

Swipe Snake

Built and deployed an Android game to the google play marketplace.


Worked on the Open Circuits project through the Rensselaer Center for Open Source


Co-founded and developed the Tournamaker web application through the Rensselaer Center for Open Source

FOCS Tutoring

Tutored Foundations of Computer Science through RPI's Advising & Learning Assistance Center

Chi Phi Chakett

Chi Phi, Theta Chapter


Blank Citation

The Rhythm Eclectic


Magic: the Gathering

The original, and best, collectible trading card game.


Synths make sounds by manipulating analog or digital waveforms by changing their harmonic content or how they modulate.


Yo-yos are more than just the old Duncan toys you used as kids. Yo-yoing is a great sport/art form.


Speed Cubing is the sport of solving a Rubik's cube, sometimes with variations on the size or turning mechanism, as fast as possible.